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Nepal Kwanmukan Karate Do, Association (NKMKA) was established in 2000. Under the leadership of its chairman who has a long experience of participating in various international competitions in different countries, this association is carrying out various programs with the collective efforts of a core group of people who have made significant contribution in this field in national and international level. The members of the association have a clear vision to promote and develop sports, especially Martial Arts, in Nepal and they are dedicated to the mission of the association.

NKMKA is registered in Kathmandu District Administration Office and officially recognized by Nepal Karate Federation (affiliated to National Sports Council). It is also affiliated to USA Karate Federation and World Karate Confederation (WKC). Its central office is located at Anamnagar, Kathmandu. It has 19 branches with 1500 students in regional and district levels.

The objectives of the association are as mentioned below :
Promotion and development of Martial Arts based games, especially Karate, in Nepal encouraging local players and increasing awareness to the people to garner public support for this game
Organizing national and international championships and seminar.
Organizing as well as participating in different seminars and refresher trainings for both players and referees
Extension of activities to the regional and district level karate schools and players within the country by establishing branches and sub-branches.
Establishing relationship with national and international organizations/institutions to produce "quantity with quality" players/referees as well as other human resource required for promotion and development of the games in Nepal
  Press Release
  Nepal Kwanmukan Karate Do Association is organizing " 2nd  NKKDA National weight Category Karate Championship " on 23rd -24th Sep 2011.
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